Why can't we create digital participatory planing procedure that will work alongside modern market system?

And ss there are examples of how people a trying to digitalize the participatory planning procedure of Parecon beyond participatory budgeting?

Hi Yuriy. A few of us have actually very recently started work on developing a participatory planning software. The aim is to create educational tools and potentially an application that could be used as a real-world pilot experiment of participatory planning - but that of course will depend on there being a region somewhere in the world that wants to try it out.

Jason, this is VERY interesting as I am thinking to do the same work! Is it possible to see your work at whatever stage it is in public or is it okay for you to share?
Thank you.

It’s a long-term project and we’ve only recently started a discovery/design phase to map out users and their tasks. Have you looked at the participatory planning agent based simulation project? If not, I can share a link to it.

What is your background? Do you work in software? Would be great if you could post something about yourself in the introduction category.

The code for the simulation project that Jason is referring is here: