So what happens if a minor who can’t leave is born into a community that hates, abuses or isolates them

Basically I am wondering how parecon and/or any associated anarchist government model would handle situations like the west Memphis three case or any other situation where a minor lives in a community whose community values lead them to abuse or isolate said minor. I don’t want the little fundie dominated footloose type towns left to their own devices with no outside help possible for the local weird kid.

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Greetings and welcome to the forum! This pertains political system more than economic, I think, but the question of allocating and sharing resources with obviously oppressive communities is at the core I think. If the society does not respect elementary human rights, such as expressed in un children’s rights declaration, it is hard to imagine them receiving support from rest of the society. Lot of this would depend on the situation I think.

Speaking about the economy the situation would be at least vastly better than today obviously, with people being much more free to decide their economic freedom due to the way that liberty not being restricted to ownership of capital. But lot of it would depend on political institutions in place.