Product Categorisation and Costing in a Participatory Economy

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Participatory Planning and Accounting Coordination of economic relations among producers and consumers in a participatory economy is primarily done via a unique democratic planning procedure called participatory planning, whereby self-managed worker and consumer councils and federations propose and revise their own production and consumption plans, over several iterations which gradually leads to a viable, efficient,…

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I do hope anyone who is interested in how we can do all three of these things will read Anders’ posting. I get more questions about THIS than anything else from people after they read about our proposal for a participatory economy.

  1. For how many different goods do you expect WCs and CCs to do annual planning? Surely the categories during annual planning must be “coarse” enough, i.e. the number of goods must be small enough, so there are not too many different goods during the participatory annual planning process.

  2. How do you expect these coarse categories from the annual plan to be translated into a much more refined and therefore numerous number of categories which is what WCs will actually end up producing and consumers will end up consuming?

  3. Surely things which were not anticipated when the annual plan was created and agreed on will happen during the year when it is being carried out. How do you propose to respond to these unforeseen circumstances during the year?

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