Post-plan adjustments during a year

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The annual planning procedure results in an agreed plan for all consumption and production that will take place in the economy in the year ahead. One way to describe an agreed annual plan is to say that it consists of a set of individual production plans for all active workplaces, a set of individual consumption…


This is a good article, thanks for sharing! I’m glad you mentioned what you did in scenario 3, because based on the results we’re seeing in the simulations, it seems running some simplified version of the planning procedure could be pretty quick and painless.

However, does changing the plan during the year not cause efficiency problems, and does the computer simulation of the participating economy include the simulation of changing the plan during the year?

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No, I don’t see why any of this would cause efficiency problems. And yes, at least one does this explicity.

My thanks to Anders for writing this article. The most common complaint I’ve heard about the model of a participatory economy is that it’s not very flexible – how does it handle changes to the participatory plan? Up until now, the responses from participatory economy advocates have felt unsatisfying. This article answers that important question head-on, with specific, concrete, actionable details and proposals.

I suspect that will find myself referring to this article again and again because it answers such a common question in an excellent fashion. Again, thank you, Anders.