Political system?

I have found very little information about political systems to pair with Parecon. I’ve read about Participatory Polity and am interested in Liquid democracy but I still am confused about how they would work in tandem. How would things like the military be structured? What authority would a political body have over the economy? What about a judicial system?


Hi Sam, have you watched this video presentation by Shalom on nested councils?

I see there being a need for a written political constitution for the society, which would clarify the rules, bodies and decision-making processes. Robin writes more about the role of political bodies in his book Democratic Economic Planning, as well things like longer run environmental planning. I agree with you though, it would be nice to see some work that puts it all together.

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Will check this out. I think there are lots of great ideas out there I’ve just never seen anyone present a unified political and economic plan that is clear and consistent.

Agreed. I’d also like to see someone combine the models into a unified proposal.