Pickety's Participatory Socialism!

I hadn’t read his latest book, but apparently Pickety uses the term participatory socialism. An interesting podcast topic or article could be a response to this as a Participatory Economy is often refered to as Participatory Socialism.

I also propose that we nominate Robin for the prize here

I commit foregoing a sizeable chunk of my 80% finders fee when he wins.

I also read somewhere that Picketty had described himself as a recent convert to libertarian socialism. I will try to reach out to him about our “participatory economy” proposal for what libertarian socialism might look like more concretely. If anyone else knows some way to contact Picketty, please either send him a friendly email with a pdf file of Democratic Economic Planning attached, or email me with his contact information and I will email him myself.

This might work…there are two emails…