PE in underdeveloped or emerging economies

Hi. I’ve searched to see if there’s something similar but none, so I’ll proceed.

I reread “the anarchist accounting” recently and I’ve been thinking about emerging and underdeveloped economies and PE. I also saw the term “technical revolution” recently from one of Lenin’s folks called bukharin(he inspired/wrote some of Lenin’s work)

My main focus is their lack of or little amount of industries.

My questions are: if we assume those economies have access to digital devices for planning (which is very possible for instance if it was simply distributed to those without it), would they need to go through some stage before implementing PE or have some conditions in place?

My concerns is with their current economic state, currencies issues because they’re usually pegged to the dollars and undervalued with low reserve account, lack of technical and industrial capital, high inflation(including external). Also, I don’t think this economies can just print money to buy out firms in the transition.

Would they need some public debt as usual and need to trade more?
Would they need some partnership with some private sector in other countries, for example with the ones you have a trade deal with?

I’ve heard Russia industrialized with Stalin in the 30-40’s although with exploitation although they had the resource(I don’t know what’s true online but I’ve read private firms building a factory for them and Stalin himself wrote of investing more in the heavy industry because of the war). Anyways, PE brings the needed democracy the Soviet lacked. I’m also thinking of China with the opening of their economy with “foreign capital” and educated mass labour force as the main ingredient. They were both underdeveloped before.

Can a country be developed but not industrialized and vice versa?

So my guess is, there might be a sort of mixed economy with PE and capitalism until they’re developed.

I’m also thinking of sanctions from the U.S. and even accusations of running a state firm(which is false in PE). So does the US have to be PE first before any non-west economy can become one?

Also, unrelated but how is production for trade/export planned in PE?

Sorry if this is a little to long😊. Thanks in advance for your response.