Parecon video gets lots of views…

Hi Everyone

About a year ago, I published a video briefly describing Parecon. Here is a summary page of statistics…

354 views along with 22 people following the channel. It exceeded my expectations. Maybe I should produce another video?

here is a link for those interested in viewing it….


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The video is very well made. You should indeed make more.

I just want to query the ‘fifth dimension’ aspect. Am I missing something here? It sounds like hocus pocus. Why is that in there?


The fifth dimension has specific meaning with individuals involved in a worldwide and growing spiritual movement. They hold a belief that there is currently an ascension underway that is moving us out of the current third dimension into a higher vibrational fifth dimension.

It just happens that the characteristics of the fifth dimension coincide with some of the basic values of Parecon such as working collaboratively and cooperatively, fairness and justice, peace and harmony, etc.

I designed the video with this group in mind because Parecon dovetails nicely with what they believe and thought the whole economic approach would resonate with them.

There are numerous YouTubers that have channels that would probably welcome a guest to speak about Parecon. It would be interesting if someone really knowledgeable about the topic would be interested in being a guest. I could probably arrange something with a YouTuber and once on a show, word spreads to other YouTubers which can lead to multiple appearances. It would be a great way to increase visibility of Parecon to an uninitiated audience.