Parecon study groupe or a MOOC

Today Robin Hahnels new book - Democratic economic planning - came with the mail. I am looking forward to start read. In the preface it says “certain mathematical and economic skills are required to fully understand and evaluate the planning procedures discussed and evaluated in technical sections in a number of chapters. These sections are necessary to advance the theory of democratic planning and should be of primary interest to readers who have those skills.”

I don´t have all the skills needed to understand all the nitty gritty in the technical sections of the book. But I would very much like to learn moore about this. To understand the equations and the computational steps and maybee test this on toy data och real data.

Are there some plans to start a study group or maybee a online course? It would be a great project to give more people the opportunity to learn more about the mathematical technique to develop a democratic economic planning.

Anders Axelsson, Sweden


That would be great. Following. If there were a study group, I hope it would take into consideration people living in different time zones around the world. Anders lives in Sweden. I live in Taiwan.

Dear Anders, dear KVGil,
you could check out the Wordl Institute for Social Change
You could find some books and articles on our Parecon-website and there are some videos (more will follow) on this youtube-channel: (with English subtitles).
Best regards Thomas

This is a great idea, I would be happy to join if the study group would meet say once a month.

Thanks. I am checking out the resources now.
Have a great day!

I can’t access the WISC website. Can anyone else?

It doesn’t work anymore. Check out this website:
Warm regards