Parecon Food Association Proposal

I plan to become the first Parecon entrepreneur.

For this purpose, I would found an association that implements the concepts of Parecon.

In my opinion, the law of associations has the best prerequisites for this, as it allows entrepreneurial action, yet contains far more freedom in its organization than corporate law (such as a stock corporation, limited liability company or sole proprietorship).
Furthermore, when an association is founded, it requires articles of association that actually have legal legitimacy. The Parecon principles could be incorporated into these.

Here is the first blueprint:

Voting rights:

50% consumer voting participation | 50% employee voting participation or
33% consumer voting participation | 33% employee voting participation | 33% stakeholder? (I would have thought, for example, of willing politicians who reflect the current parliament or scientists (which is more in the direction of technocracy)) Voting participation

Furthermore, I would set limits in the statutes with regard to internal organizational possibilities in order to prevent abuse of power.

An analogy to this would be that most democracies are based on the rule of law so that, for example, a government cannot abolish democracy by democratic means.

Here are a few limitations that come to mind:

 Each employee receives one voting right.

 Each consumer receives one voting right per subscription, although there should be an upper limit. For example, it could be that a person has children who also want/need to consume the goods.

 And the third party, who is supposed to represent the interests of the stakeholders, is then allocated the voting rights in such a way that it reaches the 33%.

 Consumers (and stakeholders?) can only pay in money, not draw it out of the organization. Reason: If it were possible to create money as a consumer, we would possibly have shareholder/consumer hybrids at some point.

 A fixed corporate goal: healthy food for everyone involved
 All monetary flows must be openly visible to everyone (blockchain technology?).
 No membership conditions for consumers, apart from paying the monthly membership fee

Entrepreneurial action:

Primary foods are to be purchased from farmers in the first phase, these are then put together by the employees into wholesome meals and brought to the respective consumers through internal logistics.

A fund is to be set up containing the profits to buy land in the future in order to be able to grow these foods themselves. Land is one of the few goods that cannot be purchased internally.
Otherwise, all purchases of resources should be exhausted internally as far as possible.

There are probably a lot more things that have to be considered, e.g., what happens if the association is getting dissolved.

I can not do that project by myself, but I’m willing to put a lot of mental and material resources into it, frankly I believe in it.
Thank you so much for reading my first draft so far. I’d be more than happy for feedback, questions, recommendations of further steps.

Sincerely, Elias Kosma.