Introducing Myself


I am Robin Hahnel. Along with Michael Albert I am “co-creator” of the model of a participatory economy as a desirable alternative to both Capitalism and Communism. I now live in Portland Oregon, and in addition to people here in the US, I have been working with folks in Finland, Sweden, England, and Ireland for over a decade now on the model and ways to bring the vision to different audiences.

I’m very happy this site will now be available to people anywhere in the world as a source of information about the vision of a desirable post-capitalist economy.

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Hallo Robin Hahnel,

I wounder if there is going to be a MOOC about your new upcoming book - Democratic economic planning? I have seen that there have been such courses earlier:

It would bee very interesing with a online course to learn more about how to modeling and planning a participatory economy, allocation and pricing. As it says about the book: “Certain mathematical and economic skills are required to fully understand and evaluate the planning procedures…”


What is a MOOC?.. And Democratic Economic Planning IS already published… and available for purchase.

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course.