Howdy here from North Carolina!

I’m Nicolai, and I’m pretty much committed to parecon as a post-capitalist economy. I hope to interact with y’all and help develop our understanding of parecon!
In case anyone is interested as well, I’m interested in post-Keynesian and neo-Ricardian/Sraffian economics as well.

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Welcome Nicolai, glad to have you aboard.


i am also interested and publish about post-Keynesian and neo-Ricardian/Sraffian economics. So I would be happy to interact with you on those subjects as well as on participatory economics.

I actually got interested in Sraffian economics from your book Radical Political Economy: Sraffa Versus Marx. I’d be glad to talk about perhaps post-Keynesian economics, as I’m trying to better understand that side of economics.
If you don’t mind, I’d also likely ask you questions about your work, A Quiet Revolution in Welfare Economics. I’m trying my best to understand it, especially in relation to the imperfection theorm you made for markets.

Greetings and welcome from Finland as well, good to hear from you Nicolai!