How to approve long-term creative projects during annual planning?

Is there an official proposal for dealing with products that take longer than one year? For example, feature length films and videos games typically take several years to make. During the planning procedure, most producers are committing to delivering physical goods during the year, but these industries would need some way to commit over a longer period of time.

I think there are a few ways this could be done, but I’m curious if anyone else has given this some thought?


Hello Michael.
I have been thinking a bit about this. In the end I arrived at thinking that long lasting projects, not just your examples but also long lasting complex construction projects for instance, would have to be planned, negotiated and handled outside of the annual planning by the involved parties, possibly involving federations if needed. In each annual planning, requests would be made only for the parts of the project that will happen the year in question.


Yes, that makes sense. In the current economy, it’s not uncommon for teams to commit to milestones instead of final products. For example, “we’re going to have this piece of the project done at the end of the year”. I imagine it would work similarly to that, but it gets more complicated when you start thinking about who would assess their progress at the end of the year and how it would be done.

In the end, I imagine this would end up feeiling similar to how it does in the current economy, but you’d be reporting to a different group of people.