Hello from Vienna, Austria

Hi, all!

Im a mathematician and physicist from Vienna, Austria.

My research interests include mathematical optimization, mechanism design, artificial intelligence and the planning of economic systems.
I work in a field called energy economics, which concerns the planning of energy systems, however im particularly fond of the the application of mathematical optimization to economic planning.

Im convinced, that any larger scale economic planning will require some form of formal modelling, automated information processing system and mathematical optimization. I would love to discuss the interface of these issues.

My introduction to Parecon was a gradual one, moving from non-formal theories over Paul Cockshotts work to Parecon. My interest in Parecon is mostly due to it explicitness. I feel that there is a grave lack of detailed and specific alternative models for society. In my opinion only explicitly spelled out models can be analysed and refined.

My political roots are in the grass-roots organizing approach of the german speaking “Autonomen” movement.

Please feel free to approach me if you are intersted in similar topics or want to be hosted by a comrade when travelling through Vienna!

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Welcome, and your field of energy economics sounds very interesting! I somewhat know about distribution and balancing of energy throughout the grid through a friend, and it has always sounded very challenging and something that indeed requires high levels of planning. Competing systems and lack of standards as well as oversight is a problem as well, I’ve understood.

It is interesting to think about how energy and energy sources could be managed in a democratically planned economy. Glad to have you here!

Thank you, antti!

I was pleasantly surprised to see, that there are indeed some people interested in energy planning in here. For instance, i noticed that Marc seems also to be interested in the topic.

In my opinion, it is a very exciting topic, since it not only touches the supply of a basic human need, but can serve as a prime example of how planning works today. The energy sector was traditionally and continues to be a sector, that even in full-blown capitalist market economies tends to be planned to some extent. For instance almost all countries, even the US, do not leave the role of TSO’s to private companies. The working procedures of such agencys are extremely interesting to study in my opinion.

Im looking forward to discuss this and would be glad to have some kind of energy discussion group :wink: