Hello from the Midwest!

Hello everyone!

My name is Michael Hicks. I’m an independent video game designer and musician. For the last decade I’ve been researching alternative ways to run the economy. I grew up in the 90’s in a blue collar community. My dad worked at a factory making car parts, and the factory eventually moved to another country to achieve cheaper labor / higher profits.

The area I grew up in became economically devastated during this period, and seeing all of this happen as a kid left an impact on me. I suspected there was a better way of organizing the economy, and felt some deep changes would be required.

Eventually a few years ago someone recommended I look into participatory economics. This is the best proposal I’ve read for creating a new economy. Specifically, I think it’s very useful how the model breaks down fundamental economic issues that need addressed. The framework it uses to analyze these problems has been very beneficial to me, and I hope more people check out the proposal.

Thanks for having me!

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Good point about how the framework for addressing questions about the economy that participatory economy uses is very useful in general when talking about the economy and how to develop it. And good to have you here Michael!

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Hello Michael. I just replied to your email on your questions about the game regarding pollution, but I got an email not sent error:

The response from the remote server was:
553 sorry, that domain isn’t in my list of allowed rcpthosts; no valid cert for gatewaying (#5.7.1)

Do you have a different email address I can contact you on? email me if you get this.


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