Hello from Sweden

I am a member of the Swedish syndicalist union SAC. I’ve dropped in here because I want to learn more about how a democratic economy might conduct planning, including investments and long-term development.

Me and fellow union members have produced a basic book on Swedish syndicalism. Available as a PDF and soon in print:


PS. And my name is Rasmus. For some reason Anarki became the name in this forum. :slight_smile:


Hi Rasmus. I don’t know if you know @Anders Sandström, but he does some work for the SAC if I’m not mistaken.

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Yes we have met IRL once. He knows his economics.

Welcome! It’s great to have you.

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Dear Rasmus,

Welcome to the forum! I think you and your Swedish comrades can bring a lot of experience to our discussions.

You asked about our proposals for how to go about investment and long-run development planning… education planning, environmental planning, infrastructure planning, and strategic international economic planning. Those proposals are among our most recent, and therefore less “vetted” than our proposals for how to achieve economic justice, carry out annual participatory planning, and how to balance jobs for empowerment and desirability. Our proposals for investment and development planning are contained in Part IV and V of Democratic Economic Planning (Routledge, 2021). They are also described for people with less formal economic training in chapters 8 and 9 of A Participatory Economy (AK Press, 2022). I can send you pdf files for all those chapters if you would like. Just email me at robinhahnel@comcast.net and ask me. But you may want to purchase a copy of those books if you are planning to dig into all this deeply. Let me know… And welcome to the discussion forum!

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Thanks for the book tips! I can start with the lighter AK Press chapters as PDF and later on get the books.