Hello from Bilbao

I’m Endika, PhD student in economics. I am also a member of the CNT anarcho-syndicalist union and ICEA - Economics and Self Management Insitute
I am interested in participatory economics, and in tools to facilitate the transition to a libertarian socialism.

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Welcome! Great to have you here!

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Welcome to the group Endika!

Can you describe for the un-initiative (me) in plain language what is libertarian socialism?



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Endika: Welcome! One of my fondest memories was a visit to Barcelona for a Conference in honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CNT. As a life long Barsa fan it was also a delight to watch a “classico” while I was there n which Barsa beat Real Madrid.

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Hi Claude!
Libertarian socialism is an anti-authoritarian, anti-statist and libertarian political philosophy which rejects the state socialist conception of socialism as a statist form where the state retains centralized control of the economy.
Libertarian socialists criticize wage slavery relationships within the workplace, emphasizing workers’ self-management and decentralized structures of political organization.
As a broad socialist tradition and movement, libertarian socialism includes anarchist, Marxist and anarchist or Marxist-inspired thought as well as other left-libertarian tendencies. Anarchism and libertarian Marxism are the main currents of libertarian socialism.
I hope this description is clear enough :slight_smile:

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Hi Robin! I was also at the Barcelona Conference. In fact, we were able to exchange a few words (I was among the speakers). I remember a suggestion you made to me about the presentation, and it was very useful for me afterwards.
Warm regards!

Thanks Endika. Given that definition, I’d say you’ve probably landed in the right place.


What are you up to now? And where are you?

There were two “Luises” who were my “hosts” during that visit. One was Luis Buendia who I have remained in touch with via email over the years. The other was LLuis Algans from Barcelona who I have unfortunately lost touch with. Do you know who I am talking about… and what he’s doing now?

I’m also working hard to find a Spanish language publisher for Democratic Economic Planning, which is BY FAR the most comprehensive and thorough presentation of our proposals for a “participatory economy.” And since there is a greater chance that people in some part of the Spanish speaking world will find it of interest and useful than any other part of the world in the near future, I’m very anxious to find a Spanish language publisher. But so far progress is slow. SO… if you have any suggestions or contacts in that regard, PLEASE let me know.

Hi Robin!
Well, after a few years away from academia, I recently returned to the University of the Basque Country and I am finishing my PhD in regional agency governance and technology policies.
Lluís is working as an economist in a trade union, yes, I still keep in touch with both “Luises”.
About the publisher, I will ask my contacts, to see if they can provide the Spanish edition; I am still reading ( slowly) the English edition.


It is so good to hear from you. And thanks for the updates on Lluis and Luis. Please do give me advice about a Spanish language publisher for Democratic Economic Planning. The Spanish speaking world is still where there seem to be the most people who think actively about concrete ways to make planning more democratic, fair, and efficient. Feel free to contact me at my personal email address: