Greetings from Chinese New Left wing Teenager

I’m a new left wing teenager from China,study in senior high school.I observe some troublesome and setback in China’s Socialist construction, and I don’t anymore belive Communist Party of China’s way to build socialism,Both economically and politically.

So,I’d like to find a progressive way that in future can use in socialism construction.

When I find the participatory economy,I think maybe I find a feasible way to build a open,democracy and progressive socialist society.


Welcome! It’s great to have you here and to hear your story.

I’m curious to learn how you found out about participatory economics? I’m assuming it was through the internet somehow?

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As you might expect,by Internet.
First ,I communicated with some Social democrat and rotskyites,they recommended me focus on participatory economy and give me the Website.
In mainland China,I have never hearing this noun, no one introduced it systematically too.
But I realized the vitality and advantages of this theory.
so I want to Learning the theory and inroduce it to more people and supplement our revolution theory.
You know that the maoist is a precious theory but doesn’t have enough knowledge that deals with democracy and the replacement of contemporary capitalism.


That’s awesome! To be honest, I don’t know much about the politics in China. We see headlines about certain things in the United States, but I don’t know much about the parties or how far left or right they are compared to the political parties in the United States. It’s interesting to hear how you came across this, so thanks for sharing!

The internet does allow people anywhere in the world to find information they never would have been able to find 20 years ago. And that is a good thing!

Democratic Economic Planning is the most recent and comprehensive presentation of the “vision” or “model” of a participatory economy – which is a very democratic socialist economy in which workers and consumers truly ARE in control of their own economic lives. I have been working with the English language publisher, Routledge, to find a Chinese language publisher so it would become available to everyone in China. If you have any contacts or suggestions about a publisher in China who might be interested, please email me at:

And welcome to our webiste!!

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Mr. Hannes, I don’t know how to politely address you, but it’s a pleasure to talk to you.
I read about you on the Internet,your theory and your rebuke to the free market of capitalism attract me.It makes me confidence in the superiority of socialism.
I belive the participatory economy is a different economic Model,and it can overcome difficulties that we found in practice in the centrally planned economies of China and the cccp.


Greetings @NewLeftFromChina

Welcome to the community Chinese left wing teenager!

We are going to add more languages to the website. If you or you know someone who be interested in translating the participatory economy website from English into Chinese, let me know.