Grant Funding Sources?

Does anyone know any sources of funding that we could apply to in order to help us with promoting the participatory economy model?

We could use funding to:

  • Create more material, especially videos, that explain the participatory economy model to a wider audience.
  • Organising events and conferences.
  • Developing an interactive participatory planning software, games and educational tools (a few of us have already started working on this).

I wish I had something for you but this is a tough one given our mandate goes counter to what most foundations would consider funding, especially when you consider the philanthropists who fund them are capitalists.

I’ll take a look around to see if there is something at least in Canada whose environment I’m most familiar with.

I intend on working on a video with a chap from Moscow at some point in time to cover various Parecon topics in more detail, but this is taking longer than expected.

But that said, if we had some promotional materials, what I would suggest in lieu of not having any funding, is to reach out to our membership to see if anyone has a close relationship with an individual who is an ‘influencer’ in society. For example, I’ve been listening to Russel Brand’s podcasts. When listening to some of his work, he is clearly making a lot of references to the conflicts of interest within our society as a direct result of it being a capitalist one. If someone knew him personally to share our story with him, he might be inclined to feature Parecon on one of his podcasts. having millions of subscribers he would reach a lot of people, create awareness and possibly even interest in wanting to take some action, like join our ranks.

Just a thought.


I agree, it’s probably going to be a tough call to find funding grants.

Getting in touch with an influencer like Russell Brand is a great call! I think he could be interested and I may know someone who could put us in touch. I will reach out.

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