Democratic Economic Planning – Why Do We Need “People’s Planning”

Sharing details below of an interesting event invitation I received by Transform Europe about People’s Planning. It’s on zoom on 28th February:

transform europe invites you to:

Democratic Economic Planning – Why Do We Need “People’s Planning”

When : Wednesday 28th February 2024, 7pm Paris/Berlin time

Where : via zoom link (below)

With :

Heinz Bierbaum (Berlin) is Chairman of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, former president of the European Left Party.


Claire Lejeune (Paris) is researcher and co-organizer of the research department on ecological planning in the Institut La Boétie.

This is the opening event of a series of events which focuses on the need for “People’s Planning”, the need for democratic economic planning in Europe.

The aim of this first event will be to explain the background to the current debate on a planned economy: where are we coming from? What are the pitfalls of the past and present debate? What does the left have to consider if we want to establish a real counter-concept to the so-called free market?

For the first event next Wednesday 28 February 2024, we have invited Heinz Bierbaum and Claire Lejeune as speakers.

After the inputs we will have time for a joint discussion.

The discussion will be in English. We apologize for not being able to offer interpretation.

The zoom link is: Launch Meeting - Zoom

We start at 7pm Paris/Berlin time (CET) on Wednesday 28th February.

Please have a look here on our series of four events on “People’s Planning” (

Best wishes and we hope to see you next week at our event!