Classification of goods and services based on the oikos (house) arrangement. And 3D model of the house, community and country

Below is the proposed new classification of goods and services for Parecon based on a image of a house:

1.House indoor goods and services: for bedrooms, kitchen room, hall room, children’s room, home office, garage, utilities, etc.
2.House outdoor goods and services: for neigbours apartment house, for yard, and shops at home.

Firstly, I appeal to the term “economy” itself that comes from the ancient Greek term “oikonomics”, in which Oikos means “a house”, not a “marketplace” or a “plan”. Initially, oikonomics was perceived around the image of the Oikos its structure and arrangement. And the idea of the market and the plan appeared as auxiliaries later.

Secondly, the image of the house, its structure and arrangement feels like very natural categorizer of goods and services for household consumer planning procedure.

Thirdly, a consumer planing in the view of a 3D model of a house and consolidated plan as a 3D village of many houses united around common goods in community center can be viewed as less bureaucratic and more user-centric procedure. Where you can see and customize a 3D model of a your house, community and country for a year(s) ahead. In participation with your family, neigbours, workers or other affected parties.

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