Call for Submissions: Real Utopia 2 book

Hi all,
We’re calling on participatory socialists to contribute to a new edited collection. This book will be made up of chapters, stories, poems, comics, drawings, etc…. about participatory socialist theory, vision, and strategy, including examples of movements and campaigns that prefigure or contribute to participatory vision. Submissions can be theoretical, practical, or both; they can be artistic, creative or a standard book chapter. Here are some examples that might inspire your own ideas:

  • Chapter: “Parsoc - why is it necessary now more than ever”
  • Poem on complementary holism
  • Chapter: “Beyond ACAB: Participatory Politics and the Police”
  • Comic about participatory strategy
  • Chapter: “Cooperative housing in Slovenia”
  • Song lyrics about parecon
  • Chapter: “Inside Real Utopia: what RU is doing and why it’s different”

We hope this book will bring a new audience to the ideas of participatory socialism.

To make a submission, please send a short description/abstract of your proposed contribution, or a draft of the contribution to:

The deadline for proposals is 30th June.

Eugene Nulman
Education and Skills Team member of Real Utopia

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