Audio: The Chicago School of Participatory Economics (from 2005)

On October 18, 2005, I worked with four fellow organizers with CAPES (the Chicago Area Participatory Economics Society) to organize a presentation called The Chicago School of Participatory Economics, held on the campus of the University of Chicago.

The event was a presentation of the participatory economic model, followed by some remarks by Robin Hahnel, and then discussion and Q&A with the audience.

The event’s name was a pun on the Chicago School of Economics — the school of neoliberal economic thought that argues for markets above all. In another irony, the event took place in the very room (SS122, in the Social Science Research Building) where a number of University of Chicago economics faculty teach their classes.

The audio of The Chicago School of Participatory Economics is back online, on the Radio4All website, here:

You can download the full audio in MP3 format directly here:

The full audio is more than two hours long. Please enjoy.

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Historic, great stuff!