Announcing a new project: The Participatory Planning Interactive Prototype (PPIP)

Originally published at: Announcing a new project: The Participatory Planning Interactive Prototype (PPIP) - Participatory Economy

We’ve been talking for a long time about the idea of creating a basic software of participatory planning that enables people to take part in a simplified version of the annual participatory planning procedure. I’m glad to announce that we’ve finally started work on it! We present to you PPIP (pronounced “pee-pip”): the Participatory Planning…


Hey Jason!
This sounds like an awesome project, I’m curious to what extent will this be open-sourced? A cursory glance on google/GitHub and I can’t quite find the project. Are there plans to release it or would this be closed/proprietary?
Thanks! :smile:

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Glad you like the project. We are at the early stages but yes I think the plan will be to make the source code open source at some point. Mitchell (@msszczep) is the developer and he will be able to say more about that.

Sweet, glad to see it; good a project like this is sticking to it’s values through and through and keeping things like this open; excited to see the results and anticipating its release :smile:

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This rules. I’d love to be a part of it when it’s ready.

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@Nour : Yes, we plan to open the source code of the project once it’s completed, and very possibly during the course of development. The source code will reside on Github once we have something to share, but as @Jason mentioned we are still at the very early stages and there’s nothing to share as yet.

Interesting! You are recruiting volunteers right?

Yes. Once we have a working version, we will set up experiments and invite people to participate. It will take some time to get there - will keep you posted.

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