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How did you get interested in the Participatory Economy model?

Hallo all

My name is Anders and I am from Sweden. I have joind the Forum because I am very interested in discussions about how to develop a democratic planed economy.

As some others here have written I am also convinced, that any larger scale economic planning will require some form of formal modelling, automated information processing system and mathematical optimization. I hope these issues will be disussed here.
I am specially interesting in the “price mechanism” in a democratic planning economy. What accunting units is needed in a participatory economy? I think the suggestions från Paul Cockshott and others that a planed economy needs to be buildt on labour time as accounting units are correct.

I wounder if there is going to be a MOOC about Robin Hanhels new upcoming book - Democratic economic planning? I have seen that there have been such courses earlier:

It would bee very interesing with a online course to learn more about how to modeling and planning a participatory economy, allocation and pricing.