A PE-inspired board game

The folks at Jacobin have launched a kickstarter for a board game:


“Class War: The Jacobin Board Game” has the summary: “Workers and capitalists battle for the future of society in an entertaining new game.” And it has been resoundingly successful – at this writing, the game has raised US$102,000, over the goal of US$40,000.

This got me thinking – why not make a board game based on a participatory economy, or based on part of a PE? Many years ago, I toyed with the idea myself, coming up a Monopoly-style game board and a working name called “PartiPlan” (short for “participatory planning”, but it also made it sound like you were planning a party).

This could lead to a follow-up: Start a small company organized on participatory economic principles (balanced jobs, remuneration per effort and sacrifice, etc.) that could manufacture this game at scale – to practice what’s preached.


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Great idea! Would require thinking it carefully through and most likely leaving just very elementary basics of planning intact to make the game good.

Co-opoly is a lovely game worth checking out that ticks many boxes right: Co-opoly: It's like monopoly, but better | Guardian sustainable business | The Guardian


Isn’t this what Michael Hicks has been working on?

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No, Michael has been working on a video game. This is a proposal for a board game.

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The more the merrier?!